Rajender Rao is all about public service

Rajender Rao is all about public service

karimnagar: Velichala Rajender Rao, son of late Velichala Jagapathi Rao, a well-known senior politician to the people of Karimnagar district, is...

karimnagar: Velichala Rajender Rao, son of late Velichala Jagapathi Rao, a well-known senior politician to the people of Karimnagar district, is actively campaigning in the constituency after filing for the Karimnagar Congress parliamentary candidature along with Minister Ponnam Prabhakar. The Congress leader, who had distanced himself from politics, is back in the fray after his father passed away last year. Harbouring a love for public service, a sentiment which he owes to his father, Rajender Rao is keen on continuing his father’s legacy by competing in the Lok Sabha elections.

Excerpts from an exclusive in terview with The Hans India:

Q. Who is your main competition in the elections?

A: At present BRS party does not survive. Currently, the main fight is between Congress and BJP. The momentum of Congress was seen in the last Assembly elections. With that, it won the majority seats and took power in the state. Now with the same momentum, I am going to win in Karimnagar as well, but any survey shows clearly that the Congress party will win.

Q: What about Vinod Kumar and Bandi Sanjay?

A: Presently Karimnagar BRS MP candidate Vinod Kumar is slipping, and he can fall at any moment. Even as an MP, Bandi Sanjay did not bring even a single temple to the parliamentary constituency or even a single school.

I asked Bandi Sanjay 32 questions earlier. They have not been answered yet.

Q: Could you elaborate on your vision for Karimnagar?

A: Our family has an inseparable connection with this region. That is why I am moving forward with a vision for myself. That’s ‘Velichala’s Vision- 2029’ for which I will be launching an app called ‘Kohinoor Karimnagar Sahayak’ to solve public problems. People’s problems can be brought to my attention through the app directly. I decided to spend up to Rs 10 crore per year whether I am in office or not.

On behalf of our family, we are assisting the people by allocating Rs 50 lakhs for school and college toppers, laptops, cash prize of one lakh, ambulances, diagnostic equipment, fees for civil services aspirants, and old age homes, irrespective of the parties.

Q: On whose side, do you believe, are the people now?

A: Telangana state was formed by Congress party. After a gap of 10 years, the people have embraced the party in the election. When it comes to BJP, it does politics in the name of Ram. There are temples of Vemulawada Rajanna, Kondagattu Anjanna, and Illandakunta Sitarama. The Centre has implemented a special Prasad scheme for temples; it is in Kishan Reddy portfolio. But Bandi Sanjay has brought funds to how many temples within the parliamentary constituency? Forgetting these Gods they are doing politics by name of Ayodhya Ram.

Q: Why did you rejoin politics?

A: I have always loved public service. I think I got it from my father’s blood. My father also always cared for people. He did not want me to join TRS party in the past. But I was deceived and joined them. KCR said that he would give the ticket and abandoned me and made false allegations on me. It took a long time to recover from them. I was very depressed with them. But, here I am now. I want people remember the development work being done by Congress at present and selfless services rendered by my family in the past and vote for me.

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