Top 5 Best Budget-Friendly Camera Phones 2024

1. Google Pixel 7a: With a 64MP rear camera and a 13MP front camera, the Google Pixel 7a offers sharp and vibrant photos. Its 12MP ultrawide lens ensures you capture more in every frame.
2. Realme C35: Equipped with a 50MP primary camera, the Realme C35 delivers detailed shots. Additionally, its 2MP macro lens lets you explore the finer details up close, while the 8MP front camera ensures great selfies.
3. Honor 50: The Honor 50 boasts an impressive 108MP main camera, promising high-resolution images. Its versatile setup includes an 8MP ultrawide lens and a 32MP front camera, making it a solid choice for photography enthusiasts.
4. Samsung Galaxy A53: Featuring a 64MP main camera and a 12MP ultrawide lens, the Samsung Galaxy A53 captures expansive scenes with clarity. Its 32MP front camera ensures you look your best in selfies.
5. OnePlus Nord 2T: The OnePlus Nord 2T comes with a 50MP primary camera for detailed shots and an 8MP ultrawide lens for broader perspectives. With a 32MP front camera, it ensures stunning selfies every time.